Oregon Police Canine Association

2023 OPCA Fall Seminar - Springfield


Oregon Police Canine Association

September 10th-13th, 2023


Please note the schedule of the Seminar has changed.  REGISTRATION AND SWAG TABLE WILL BE OPEN FROM 1200-1500 in the Holiday Inn on September 10th. Both patrol and detection will have classroom on Sunday from 1500-1900 at the hotel. 


Hotel Information


There are two, because we have an over flow hotel next door. Both are $139 per night. Booking Cutoff date is Friday, August 11, 2023

Holiday Inn Express Eugene/Springfield 919 Kruse Way
Springfield, OR 97477

Booking Link for Holiday Inn Express:  HERE


La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Springfield 3480 Hutton Street
Springfield, OR 97477

Booking Link for La Quinta Inn and Suites: HERE


Certification Testing

DETECTION and PATROL CERTIFICATION TESTING AVAILABLE ON SUNDAY, September 10th.  A time will be arranged once we know how many we need to accommodate.

Please specify within REGISTRATION if you are in need of CERTIFICATION TESTING. If you do not specify within registration arrangements will not be made.


  • Handler/Supervisor, Working K9 at Seminar: $325.00
  • Supervisor/Observer, Not Working K9 at Seminar: $75.00
  • Classroom Only,  Not working K9: $75.00
  • OPCA Trainers or Eboard Member: $75.00 
  • Guest attending the banquet dinner: $40.00
  • Decoys: FREE OF CHARGE 

    ***After August 15th, 2023 all registrations (with the exception of the Decoys) will increase by $100.00*** 

If you would like to bring a guest to the banquet dinner you can pay for them separate, but it must be done in advance. There is an option to pay for a guest to attend the banquet dinner on the OPCA home page or by clicking here.

This registration session will allow you to complete the required information and submit payment. Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately. To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account information available.  If you get a blank screen when trying to pay, try using another browser like Google Chrome.  Some agency firewalls block access to the payment site from Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer.

Following the completion of this registration, you will see a charge on your account from OPCA. You may also choose to pay your fees by check, either by mail or in person at check-in. 



Sunday September 10th

0930-1030: Detection/Patrol Standard Certification - 1890 N 42nd St, Springfield, OR 97477 (Patrol) 1000 Royal Caribbean Way, Springfield, OR (Detection)

1100-1230: Site Visits for all Patrol Trainers - 1000 Royal Caribbean Way Springfield and Camp Harlow 3850 County Farm Rd. Eugene

1200- 1500: Registration Holiday Inn Express

1500-1900: Lecture and Presentation from Guest Trainers  – Holiday Inn Express

1900-2100: Trainer and E-Board Meeting – Holiday Inn Express

All classes will be done at the Holiday Inn.

Monday Banquet at 1800 - Holiday Inn Express

Detection Schedule:

Sunday Sept 10th- Classroom - 1500-1900

Monday Sept 11th - Classroom - 0800-1200; Field work - 1300-1700

Tuesday Sept 12th - Field work - 0900-1800

Wednesday Sept 13th - Field work - 0800-1200

2023 Fall Seminar Patrol Training Outline

Monday September 11th - Field Work - 1000 Royal Caribbean Way Springfield

0700: Trainers and Decoys arrive and set up stations

0800: Dog Teams arrived at stations ready to deploy

1300-1400: Lunch Break

1400-1700: Late session of field work

1800: Banquet

Tuesday September 12th - Field Work - Camp Harlow 3850 County Farm Rd Eugene

0800: Trainers and Decoys arrive and set up stations

0900: Dog Teams arrived at stations ready to deploy

1300-1400: Lunch Break

1400-1800: Late session of field work

Wednesday September 13th - Critical Incident Debrief - Holiday Inn Express

0800-1200: DCSO Debrief

Speaker Information

Speaker Bios


Sean M. Siggins
Retired Police K9 Handler
       *4 Dual Patrol Dogs
Head Trainer Tarheel Canine Inc 10yrs
      *Certified over 100 Handler Courses
      *Certified over 500 Handlers
National Tactical Police Dog Association
Protection Sports Association K9
       *Hall of Fame Member
       *Director of Decoys
       *West Coast Director
       *Certified over 100 Decoys
Seminar Instructor
       *Over 100 Seminars
       *International K9 Units
       *Military Army-Ranger Unit, Navy,
Marines-M.A.R.S.O.C., Air Force
       *Federal Government
       *State Police Agencies
       *Local Law Enforcement Police/Sheriff
Graduate K9 Related
        *Baltimore City MD K9 Unit
        *Castle Inc. K9 Training Academy
        *S.K.I.D.D.S Class 31
        *Rapid Tactical K9 Deployment to
           School Incidents/Shootings
        *National Police Decoy Academy
        *D.E.A. Advanced Narcotics
Investigator School
         *M.A.G.L.O.C.L.E.N. – Drug


Mel English

Makor K-9 of Texas, LLC 12915 US Highway 79 S. Henderson, TX 75654 702-250-2956

Profile Melvyn English, Trainer, for Makor-K9. 28 1/2 years in Law Enforcement (retired).

20 1/2 years as a K9 handler with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, handler of Patrol Dog, Narcotics Dog, and Explosive Dog. Master Trainer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept.

K9 unit May 2003-May 2018: Detection work: explosives, narcotics, and HRD April 2005-May 2018: Patrol/SWAT dog March 2010-Present: Owner/Co-Founder of Battle Born K9 - specializing in Working dog seminars, unit/team evaluations, lectures, and civilian dog foundational training.

Trainer Makor K-9 California Narcotics Canine Association (national K9 certifying body), certifying official and member of the Board of Directors. Co-Author of Nevada POST K9 minimal standards for Police K9’s. Certifying official and Southern Nevada representative.(retired)

Experience March 2010-Present:

Owner/Trainer for Makor K9 of Texas, LLC Lecturing and Teaching working seminars Nationally and Internationally teaching the Advanced Hunt for Patrol and Detection.

E-Collar working seminars. Taught over 50 seminars across the country working with hundreds of K9 teams in all areas of police/military working dogs.

May 2018-Present: Owner/Trainer Training and selling Police, Military, and Private detection dogs (explosive, narcotics, bed bug, electronics, gun, etc…).

March 1992-May 2018: (Retired) Police Officer Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

March 1992- November 1997: Uniformed patrol including bicycle patrol November 1997-May 2018: LVMPD K9 unit 5 Patrol dogs over course of 20 years handling 3 malinois and 2 German shepherds 2 explosive dogs for 15 years 4 narcotics dogs over 15 years **LVMPD runs a two dog program, one patrol and one detection dog per team. 4 times I was assigned to work 3 dogs which included an explosive dog and a narcotics dog while seasoning the 3rd dog for new handler or rehabbing a dog that had been broken by prior handlers. Master trainer Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Police K9 unit.

May 2003-May 2018: Detection trainer Trained 53 dogs and 23 handlers in detection and patrol K9s for LVMPD Trained 3 Detection Trainers. 2 Patrol Trainers

January 1990-February 1992: Washoe County Sherriff’s Department Corrections Deputy/Patrol Deputy Academy Firearms Instructor

2007-Present: California Narcotics Canine Association General Board Member & Certifying Official Education

Feb 1998 Basic Handlers Course Patrol 340 credit hours.

Aug 2001 Basic Handlers Course Detection 310 credit hours

May 2002 to May 2003 Master Police K9 Trainer/Detection. Apprentice Master Trainer Program LVMPD-K9. 320 credit hours.

Aug 2000 Basic SWAT Operator School

April 2005 Master Trainer Police K9/Patrol. Master K9 Inc. Cherry Valley, Ca. 400 credit hours.

Sept 1996 E-Collar training Dobbs Training Center 40 hours.

Aug 2008 Advanced Trainers Course. Norwegian Customs Agency, Rolf Von Krough. 40 credit hours.

Have logged K9 training hours in SWAT/K9, K9 Liability, Dog Psychology, Obedience, Clicker training, interdiction techniques, Cadaver, Bed bugs detection, Etc….

K9 Training Testing and selection of K9’s for patrol/detection work for LVMPD, Boulder City PD, Henderson PD, North Las Vegas PD, Sparks PD, Numerous California and Oregon Agencies. 76Patrol dog Teams trained 102 Narcotics dog Teams trained 27 Explosive dog teams trained 6 Bed bug dog teams trained 14 Firearm dog teams trained 5 electronics dog teams trained Over 250 Detection dogs started as untrained and taken to certification. Over 34 Patrols dogs trained from untrained to certification. Over 300 basic obedience dogs untrained to trained and earn titles. 6 PTSD dogs for military veterans trained and certified. Aug 2010 K9 working dog Seminar for Secret Service K9 unit trainers. (1st company in 16 years to go into their facility and teach.) January 2019 help established 1st Firearms only dedicated unit with 4 teams with the Clark County School District Police Department. Melvin English Managing Officer Makor K-9 of Texas 702-250-2956 mfek9@aol.co


Please direct questions to:

Patrol - Patrol Chair Shawn Debler

Detection - Detection Chair Clay Core

Matt Schmidt