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2018 OPCA Spring Confrence - Non-Handler Law Enforcment / Supervisors


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The OPCa is EXCITED to be sponsoring a
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Rich Barrett, Ohio State Highway Patrol


Tuesday April 24th, 2018
Boulder Falls Inn, Lebanon, Oregon
505 Mullins Drive
Leabanon, Oregon 97355
$93.00 per night + tax. Our block of rooms and rate will be held until March 24th, 2018.
541-451-1000 (Reference the OPCA when booking your reservation).

$50.00 for classroom only.
$75.00 for classroom + banquet diner (Tuesday Night).

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*This registration is for non K9  handler law enforcement & supervisors, classroom only.


Rich Barrett, Ohio State Highway Patrol 

Rich Barrett is a twenty-five year law enforcement veteran all of which have been served as a Trooper for the Ohio State Highway Patrol. He graduated from the OSHP Academy in June, 1993. 

Upon completion of Academy training, Rich was assigned to the Wapakoneta Patrol Post for approximately six months before transferring to the Fremont Post where he spent three years. While at the Fremont Post he served as a Cadet training officer as well as handling routine patrol assignments. He transferred from Fremont back to the Wapakoneta Post where he spent approximately six years before serving as a temporary instructor at the OSHP Academy in Columbus Ohio. Rich spent thirteen years as a drug detection canine handler assigned to the Southwestern Region Criminal Interdiction Unit. He promoted to the rank of Sergeant and is currently tasked with assisting in developing the divisions self-sufficient canine training program. During his career he has been recognized for the following achievements: 

- Certified PSP Canine Instructor, Trainer, and PSP Judge – 2015 

- Drug Interdiction Assistance Program (DIAP)/EPIC National Interdiction Officer of the Year – 2010 

- DIAP/EPIC National Interdiction Officer of the Year Nominee – 2005, 2007, & 2009 

- Highway Patrol Post Trooper of the Year, Wapakoneta Patrol Post – 1999 

- ACE Award, Recovering a total of six stolen vehicles with on the spot apprehensions within a twelve month period – 1999 

- Trooper Recognition Award, Piqua District Headquarters – 2003 & 2010 

- A total of nine Certificates of Recognition, eight obtained for outstanding efforts in Criminal Patrol and one for life saving efforts above and beyond the call of duty 

- State of Ohio House of Representatives recognition for record breaking marijuana seizure – 2005 

Rich has been involved in numerous criminal investigation cases as the initiating officer and assisting officer. All investigations initiated as the result of “cold” traffic stops of passenger and commercial motor vehicles. He has been responsible for numerous record breaking narcotics seizures for the Ohio State Highway Patrol, all of which were the result of traffic stops of commercial semi-tractor trailers as well as passenger vehicles. He has seized an approximate total of 16,600 pounds of marijuana, 740 pounds of cocaine, 6 pounds of heroin, 10 gallons of liquid PCP, and 18 pounds methamphetamines. He has seized approximately $2,500,000.00 in United States Currency and assets as a result of his investigations. During his career he has initiated several auto larceny, stolen property, illegal weapons, and wanted felon and terrorist cases. 

During Rich’s temporary assignment at the Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy in Columbus Ohio he was responsible for training approximately 1,500 students, comprised of Cadet and Basic Police Officer Trainees and civilians in several subjects. These classes included; unarmed self defense techniques, search and seizure, physical fitness training, OMVI arrest techniques, military drill, and officer safety. He instructs on a regular basis at the Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy, training Local, State, and Federal agencies in Criminal Interdiction Techniques. Rich has trained an approximate total of 200 tactical patrol and detector canine teams (explosive and narcotic) which are in service throughout North America. In addition to instructing for the Ohio State Highway Patrol he has also instructed for the El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC), California Narcotics Canine Association (CNCA), and The Drug Interdiction Assistance Program (DIAP). Rich has taught Criminal Interdiction techniques in the following States: Ohio, California, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, New Jersey, New Mexico, California (post certified), South Carolina, Oregon, Washington, Kentucky, Montana, and Nevada. He has also taught in Mexico and Canada. 

Rich has been responsible for training approximately 22,500 individuals to include Federal, State, Local level Police Officers, Judge’s and Prosecutors, and civilians in the various aspects and techniques utilized to apprehend criminals while in transit on Ohio’s roadways. 

Course Titles

Driving Behavior

Course Description:
This particular course is designed to enhance the awareness of Patrol Officers recognition of criminals in transit.  The course has been developed over the past eighteen years and its content has been developed by active Police Officers who aggressively engage in criminal interdiction on our Nation’s roadways.  The course covers why most criminals display certain characteristics and driving behaviors when sighting law enforcement due to human behavior.  The characteristics which are exhibited by criminals are not particular to any one roadway, but to all roadways.  The course will cover all the above in addition to vehicle indicators, questioning and evaluating (roadside interview), and search techniques (hidden compartments).  The course has been taught throughout North America and has been a very successful, resulting in numerous felony arrests.

Roadside Interview

Course Description:
This particular course is designed to assist the Uniformed Patrol Officer learn advanced roadside interview techniques.  The course will cover successful techniques utilized by Uniformed Patrol Officers in the art of quickly assessing and recognizing both verbal and non-verbal clues of deception during the traffic stop.

Hidden Compartments

Course Description: 
This particular course encompasses successful techniques utilized by Officers in locating and accessing sophisticated compartments and “hide locations” within motor vehicles.  The “hide locations” which will be covered during this course include: electronically controlled (traps) and natural void compartments.  This course is essential for any Officer which may find themselves involved in a vehicle search for contraband.

Officer Safety

Course Description: 
The block of instruction is designed to heighten Officer’s awareness of the dangers that surround any traffic stop.  During this course various aspects of vehicle approaches will be discussed.

Physical Indicators of Criminal Activity

Course Description: 
This block of instruction is designed to enhance the Uniformed Patrol Officers ability to recognize and decipher what if any physical indicators of Criminal Activity are present before, after, and during a traffic stop.  The course also covers the importance of the many Physical Indicators of Criminal Activity as they recognized during the traffic stop.            


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Anthony Bastinelli